Laos Receives 5,760 Doses of Green Cross Flu Vaccine

Laos GC 2015 Donation BoxesJust this past month the Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction (PIVI) arranged for the donation of slightly more than 5,700 doses of influenza vaccine from South Korean pharmaceutical manufacturer and PIVI partner, Green Cross. The doses were sent to Laos, arriving September 21, and marking the fourth PIVI-supported influenza vaccine campaign to be held in the country since the start of the partnership in 2012.

Laos is located in a tropical region, where flu tends to circulate year-round rather than during a certain season. As a result, the timing of the vaccine’s arrival in country is not an important issue; it can always be useful. Nevertheless, the MOH in Laos has planned to distribute the vaccine within two weeks of its arrival in Vientiane. Details on who will receive the doses will be available on in the coming weeks.