Partners & Stakeholders

The dedicated engagement of PIVI’s partners and stakeholders makes PIVI’s work possible.

PIVI comprises a diverse group of partners and stakeholders, all of which contribute to the partnership’s work in important ways. PIVI partners fulfill a variety of roles and are divided into four types, each defined by its primary role within the partnership.

  • Programmatic partners provide technical and operational support for the partnership.
  •  Contributing partners provide vaccine, supplies, shipping, or monetary support to align with country needs.
  • Country partners are countries in which PIVI operates. They are represented by Ministries of Health.
  • Technical partners provide recommendations and resources to country partners to strengthen program capacity.

In addition to the four types of partners, PIVI also gains additional technical and operational support from other organizations. These organizations are considered PIVI stakeholders.


Programmatic Partners

Programmatic Partners - TFGH and CDC

Contributing Partners

Contributing Partner Logos 7.24.2015

Country Partners

Country Partner Logos 7.22.2015


Stakeholders Logos 7.17.2015