For Contributing Partners

PIVI appreciates the generosity and enthusiasm each of its contributing partners brings to the project.

Contributions to PIVI
Contributions to PIVI may include funds, vaccine doses, ancillary supplies, and in-kind services (e.g. transport).

All contributions are made to PIVI, which then determines how those contributions are best distributed. Recipient partner countries are selected by the PIVI team at The Task Force and CDC, after discussion with WHO Regional and Country Offices. The selection takes into consideration such factors as timing of vaccine delivery, country partner regulations, appropriateness of vaccine formulation (northern vs. southern hemisphere), and country partner capacity to accept the vaccine safely and efficiently. For contributions of vaccine, PIVI will ensure that the country partner selected has the capacity and time to successfully distribute the vaccine in advance of its expiration date.

Contributions of vaccine, ancillary supplies, or in-kind services to PIVI are formalized through and guided by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the contributing organization and The Task Force. An MoU between the recipient country and The Task Force is also established. Although the ultimate success of PIVI depends on the involvement of contributors who commit to the partnership for multiple years, contributing partners are under no obligation to give to PIVI every flu season.

The Task Force is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, public health organization that meets all 20 Charity Standards established by the Better Business Bureau. Information about The Task Force’s donation policies can be found here, while the organization’s most recent financial documents can be found here.

The generosity of PIVI’s contributing partners is essential to ensuring the continuation of PIVI’s work. The Task Force team believes that contributing partners should be recognized for their donations and actively communicates PIVI-related stories in several ways, including, the Friends of PIVI email list/newsletter, and the PIVI communication/media contacts list. Prior to the release of any communications regarding PIVI partners, featured partner(s) are given the opportunity to review and approve those communications.

Contributing partners are encouraged to use their own networks to publicize the good work they are doing with PIVI. In doing so, partners should note that any contributions were made to PIVI, not to a specific country partner. For example, contributors could write that a “donation to PIVI was used to vaccinate pregnant women and elderly people in X country.”

To initiate discussions about becoming a PIVI contributing partner, please contact Amanda Bolster (