Respiratory Virus Prevention and Preparedness Programs


To create a world where there is greater and more equitable global access across all ages to the vaccines needed to prevent and respond to respiratory virus epidemics and pandemics.

Throughout the world, there is a constant global threat of respiratory virus epidemics and pandemics. To ensure access to effective vaccine programs, The Task Force for Global Health brought its respiratory virus programs together under one umbrella known as the Respiratory Virus Prevention and Preparedness Programs.

These programs include: the Partnership for International Vaccine Initiatives (PIVI), COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Program (CoVIP), Strengthening Outbreak Notification and Response (SONAR), and the Global Funders Consortium for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development.

Vaccination programs for pandemic response and annual disease prevention are critical in ensuring overall pandemic readiness and health system strengthening. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become even more critical to improve vaccine access and sustain vaccination programs for adults and healthcare workers.

The Task Force’s Respiratory Virus Prevention and PReparedness Programs ensure pandemic preparedness at three levels – the community level, the national level, and the global level. The overlap and intersection of these are key when it comes to countries implementing self-sustaining and stable vaccine programs.

The Programs work together to ensure that all countries have the tools, knowledge, and commitment necessary to implement and maintain vaccine programs. Our collection of programs and initiatives help create an amplified impact on global vaccination systems while providing tailored technical assistance to countries around the world. Our expertise allows for improved collaboration with external stakeholders on new and future vaccines, vaccine availability, vaccine program implementation, and vaccine acceptance and demand.