The Partnership for International Vaccine Initiatives

We Build Respiratory Virus Vaccination Programs to Save Lives.

Fighting Seasonal Influenza and Pandemics Today, While Strengthening the Systems Needed for Tomorrow.

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Why Influenza Vaccination?

COVID-19 is not the only pandemic threat we face. Each year, seasonal influenza causes millions of severe illnesses and hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world. Influenza viruses regularly emerge and are often unpredictable. A severe influenza pandemic could kill millions and cripple the global economy. PIVI collaborates with low- and middle-income countries to strengthen their ability to reliably and quickly deliver respiratory virus vaccines across all age groups, saving lives.

More Timely Than Ever.

Ongoing seasonal influenza vaccination programs reduce the annual disease burden while improving pandemic influenza preparedness for future novel viruses – transforming countries’ health systems and protecting the global community from the spread of a pandemic flu virus, and other emerging health threats such as COVID-19. 

A young mother with her child at Mother and Child Health Hospital in Vientiane, Lao


Take a look at the profile of our featured partner country, Lao PDR. Did you know Lao PDR was the first country to receive PIVI Support?