The Partnership for Influenza Vaccine Introduction

Building Flu Vaccination Programs to Save Lives. Fighting COVID-19 Today, and Preparing for New Pandemics Tomorrow

The emergence of COVID-19 makes the work of PIVI more critical and timely than ever.

Impeding COVID-19 Today and the Pandemics of Tomorrow

Throughout the world, those nations with systems for monitoring and controlling influenza have demonstrated a capability and capacity to better respond to the threat of COVID-19. From disease risk education and prevention, surveillance, the collection and analysis of laboratory specimens, the sharing of information and genetic sequence data, to vaccine readiness, the global and national influenza infrastructure is proving to be indispensable in the public health response to COVID-19. But COVID-19 is not the only threat we face. Influenza viruses can emerge and are often unpredictable. A severe influenza pandemic could kill millions and cripple the global economy.

PIVI collaborates with countries to strengthen their ability to reliably and quickly deliver vaccines, and save lives.

Why Influenza Vaccination?

The seasonal flu is not just an uncomfortable nuisance as many experience it. Each year, seasonal flu causes millions of severe illnesses and hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world. The elderly, pregnant women, children under the age of 5, people with compromised immune systems and the health workers are among the most at risk. And during this next influenza season, influenza viruses will likely be co-circulating with COVID-19 so getting your flu shot, and strengthening flu vaccine programs around the world is more important than ever. Read More…

Coming Together to Curb Influenza Pandemics

Seasonal Flu Programs Lay the Foundation for Pandemic Response

PIVI works with countries to help them build strong, yearly flu vaccination programs. These programs also provide a foundation for tested plans for pandemics, that can quickly be put into action when needed.

PIVI’s Critical Responsibilities

The following are crucial activities PIVI undertakes to ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of vaccines to the populations most at risk when time is of the essence.

Evaluate and Improve Vaccine Programs

We partner with countries to train healthcare workers on flu and vaccine delivery, keeping their frontline of defense healthy and working. We help assess, determine and reach high-risk populations, limiting the impact of the flu on the most vulnerable.


Countries with strong and actionable policies around flu and other diseases are more ready to respond in the event of a pandemic or other epidemic threat.

Organize Communication & Awareness Building Activities

PIVI enhances a partner’s educational activities around the importance of flu and other pandemic vaccines.

Pandemic Planning

PIVI is helping to strengthen some of the core areas of pandemic preparedness including the creation of systems to distribute pandemic influenza vaccine, as well as COVID-19 vaccine – getting the vaccines to people who need them.

Stories, News & Updates

Keep up to date with PIVI’s latest stories from the field, flu news, & flu publications.

Get Involved

Strengthen Health Systems – Build Vaccine Capacity – Save Lives

PIVI works in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Ministries of Health, corporate partners and others to create sustainable, routine, seasonal influenza vaccination programs in low- and middle-income countries.

Protecting communities from the annual impact of flu, while building up systems to respond to future influenza pandemics and other infectious disease epidemics might seem like a bold undertaking. But we can do it. We must do it. And you can help.

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