Our Work With Countries

PIVI partners with low- and middle-income countries to assess and build capacity for influenza vaccine programs. Our goal is to create sustainable positive change in communities and countries around the world.

We also work in partnership with the CDC to provide technical assistance to Ministries of Health in creating policies around influenza vaccination, as well as supporting the assessment and creation of pandemic plans.

This work is often an unfolding process. PIVI and the CDC meet country partners where they currently are on this journey. From assessments to skills strengthening, our job is to create a sustainable, seasonal flu vaccination program that undergirds pandemic preparedness plans. All of our country partners receive the technical support they need to ensure success. And, partnerships are specifically tailored to help each country reach its goals. CDC is the primary provider of technical support to strengthen capacity.

Countries We’ve Worked With

Since 2014, PIVI has provided more than 3 million doses of flu vaccine, working to create sustainable, seasonal influenza programs with Ministries of Health in the following countries:

PIVI Technical Assistance

PIVI partners to provide technical support to countries that may or may not be implementing routine seasonal national influenza programs. The goal of this work is to strengthen a country’s immunization infrastructure and capacity, ultimately making a country readier to respond to infectious disease threats.

Through technical assistance, PIVI supports country workflow related to developing or strengthening pandemic preparedness and seasonal influenza vaccination programs. PIVI may assist with:

  • Cost analyses of the economic burden of flu (and pandemics) and the cost of a routine flu program, and the cost-effectiveness of vaccination
  • Cold chain assessments
  • Surveillance for understanding disease burden, seasonality and pattern of exposure
  • Data cleaning and analysis
  • Evaluation of country capacity to report adverse events following immunization (AEFI)
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