PIVI’s Work with Bhutan

Bhutan signed their letter of collaboration for the introduction of influenza vaccine in 2018, drafted their sustainability plan, and has successfully introduced the vaccine. In 2019, Bhutan developed communications materials, a vaccine coverage reporting system, and trained their health workers on influenza vaccine immunization. Bhutan plans to conduct an economic burden study in the future, as well as iPIE (influenza Post Introduction Evaluation) or demonstration project.

In 2020, Bhutan developed their COVID-19 vaccination framework for high-risk groups based on the influenza high-risk group vaccination policy, and were then able to conduct mass vaccination after securing sufficient vaccine to cover more of the population. The nation-wide roll-out of influenza vaccine in 2020 provided critical field experience in planning for the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out.

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Targeted Groups

Pregnant Women and Healthcare Workers

Vaccines Delivered


Technical Activities

Bhutan has collaborated with the CDC Influenza Division to estimate the burden of influenza illness. They are planning several future projects, including economic and program evaluations.

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