PIVI’s Work with Kenya

Kenya began receiving PIVI support in 2016. With support from PIVI, the Kenya Medical Research Institute and the Kenya office of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are planning to conduct a knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAP) questionnaire among healthcare workers and parents to gauge potential response to an influenza vaccination program for young children. The findings of this KAP will provide Kenya with information that can help the country shape its approach to influenza vaccination. With PIVI support, Kenya is laying the groundwork for successful national responses to seasonal flu.

Kenya’s National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (KENITAG) and Ministry of Health identified children age 6-23 months as a targeted risk group for future influenza vaccination after KENITAG conducted an evidence-based review of influenza disease burden and vaccine efficacy and safety in 2014-2015. KENITAG and the Ministry of Health are considering conducting a pilot study to evaluate the cost, feasibility, and acceptability of an influenza vaccination program for these children.

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Targeted Groups

Healthcare Workers, Parents, Young Children

Technical Activities

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions (KAP) Questionnaire


Evidence-based review of vaccine acceptability in 2014-2015

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