PIVI’s Work with Albania

Albania joined PIVI in 2016. Albania had an existing government-funded national influenza vaccine program for healthcare workers. With PIVI support, Albania expanded the program to vaccinate more healthcare workers and also vaccinate adults with underlying chronic illness, pregnant women, elderly people, and other targeted groups. Albania also participated in a pilot of a new version of the World Health Organization’s FLUTool vaccine program costing tool in April 2017. The new version of the FLUTool program gives cost estimates and guidelines for expanding a national influenza immunization program to include additional targeted groups. Albania utilized the FLUTool program to determine the cost of vaccinating healthcare workers. PIVI works in partnership with the national Institute of Public Health (IPH) and the South East European Center of Infectious Diseases Surveillance and Control (SECID), a multi-country public health partner based in Tirana, Albania.

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Targeted Groups

Pregnant Women, Adults with Chronic Conditions, Elderly Persons and Healthcare Workers 


Participated in pilot of new version of FLUTool by the World Health Organization

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