PIVI’s Work with Moldova

Moldova joined PIVI in 2015. Moldova received 200,000 doses of flu vaccine for the its third flu vaccination campaign. With support from the National Center for Public Health, 100% of the doses were successfully administered. Priority risk groups for the campaign included people with underlying chronic disorders. The Ministry of Health is currently working with PIVI Team to develop and implement a sustainability plan to achieve a country-sustained influenza vaccination program beginning in 2018.

With support from PIVI and the National Center for Public Health, Moldova administered a questionnaire on knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAP Questionnaire) to 549 healthcare workers throughout 10 districts of the country. The questionnaire is adapted from the WHO EURO guide, “Tailoring Influenza Programmes for Seasonal Influenza (TIP FLU).” The guide shows country program managers and policymakers how to utilize existing vaccination programs to promote seasonal influenza vaccination. The World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Europe (WHO EURO) is supporting the translation of the KAP report. Moldova has published a complete healthcare worker guide on the benefits of and recommendations for influenza vaccination.

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Vaccines Committed


Targeted Groups

Staff in Nursing Homes; Children and Adults with Chronic Conditions; Elderly; Healthcare Workers

Technical Activities

Completed Knowledge, Attitudes, and Perceptions (KAP) Questionnaire

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