North Macedonia

PIVI's WORK WITH North Macedonia

Together with the PIVI team, North Macedonian partners drafted a multi-year sustainability plan to guide vaccine program growth, including priority technical support/evaluation needs. These priorities have focused on increasing vaccine access and coverage among health care workers. North Macedonia conducted a Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) analysis to inform their communications plans.


PIVI funding was used to develop communication materials, including posters, leaflets, and a television PSA to promote vaccination in target risk groups and increase public awareness. Tailored communications materials have been developed for pregnant women and older adults. North Macedonia is expanding vaccination communications and is updating their multiyear influenza program plans. Through its partnership with PIVI, North Macedonia has tackled multiple aspects of its influenza vaccination program including training healthcare staff on administering vaccines, enhancing its monitoring of vaccine coverage, and assessing the size of risk groups.

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Population of North Macedonia
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Vaccines Delivered

Targeted Groups

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Older Adults


  • Southeast European Center for Surveillance & Control (SECID)
  • North Macedonia Institute of Public Health (IPH)



PIVI partnership begins


Training on e-Health system for flu


Plan to digitize flu vaccination system


Conducted virtual HCW training during COVID-19 pandemic