Dr. Niteen Wairagkar, MD

Niteen Wairagkar, MD

Founder and CEO, Vaccines for All

Niteen is an infectious disease physician-scientist and a global health professional, currently in process of establishing his nonprofit organization Vaccines for All with a mission to ensure vaccinations globally, to establish innovative platforms to enhance vaccine access, and to facilitate the eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Niteen started his career as a physician in India and worked with global research and philanthropy organizations (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO HQ/SEARO, US-CDC, Indian Council of Medical Research) to address global health issues and combat viral diseases of public health importance. He is credited with accelerating research and development of first-ever maternal RSV vaccine, maternal influenza vaccines, pandemic H1N1 vaccine, universal influenza vaccines, and measles aerosol vaccine.

Niteen has conceptualized and coordinated global multi-centric studies and published research papers in high-impact journals. He participated in several international meetings and served on boards of various scientific/policy/advisory groups and committees contributing to global policies, standards, and norms with WHO and global health stakeholders. A firm believer in the immense power of vaccines and a strong proponent of maternal and neonatal immunization strategies, he would like to see the majority of vaccine-preventable diseases eradicated in his lifetime.