The Influenza Learning Agenda

The Influenza Learning Agenda (ILA) comprises a collection of activities and projects aimed at understanding the significance of implementing national influenza vaccination programs in enhancing a country’s capacity to effectively respond to pandemic or epidemic threats through vaccines. Its diverse components seek to address several crucial inquiries, revolving primarily around the impact of an annual influenza vaccination program on facilitating the deployment of other vaccines and the accessibility of influenza vaccines during emergencies. These inquiries also explore whether such programs contribute to cost reduction, expediency, and efficiency in vaccine distribution. These component parts play a vital role in comprehending various vaccine types and the capabilities possessed by a country for deploying annual vaccines, particularly those essential for the rapid deployment of epidemic and pandemic vaccines. It is important to note that the influenza learning agenda is not a solitary undertaking but rather a collective effort of multiple projects, each designed to gather data pertaining to different aspects of this inquiry. Ultimately, the objective is to build a strong business case supporting the development of influenza vaccination programs as an indispensable tool in pandemic management, transcending their traditional role in mitigating seasonal disease burdens.

Results from the ILA are expected in late 2023.